"In today’s age, to have the ability to create something physical that you can hold, set down, step back and admire is rare. And to also have someone else hold it and admire is even more rare."

Jeremy Mitchell
Founder & Creative Creative of Mitchell Bat Co.
Where Baseball Meets Art

Our job at Mitchell Bat Co is to take inspiration from the uniforms worn on the field for hundreds of years and paint baseball bats and hockey sticks that fall in-line with that idea. We want to make sure that our bats tell a story. And the stories are endless. Because the stories belong to our customers.

“I display a Mitchell bat on my wall because when I see it…it reminds me of my first game at Wrigley Field with my dad.”

Geoff W.
Chicago, IL

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In 2013, I accidentally started a bat company.

I was in need of a new creative outlet. Prior to Mitchell Bat Co everything I created was digital and on screen. My career in advertising and serial entrepreneurship led me to launching my bat company on October 30, 2013 literally with no bats in hand and no idea how to pull this off.

Four days later I sold my first bat. Sold ten more that week. Two weeks after launching, ESPN reached out via email asking permission to post about Mitchell Bat Company on their Christmas Gift Guide on Black Friday.

Soon after, Ralph Lauren reached out and wanted our bats in their flagship store in Manhattan, NY.

The Jeremy Mitchell Show

Founder of Mitchell Bat Co, Jeremy Mitchell shares stories and interviews of awesome people who have done extraordinary things and also shares his own stories of running his bat company.

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