Our Story


To most, baseball is entertainment. To others it's a business and to a very lucky few, it's a job. But here at Mitchell Bat Co, baseball is an art—an American institution full of talent, beauty and history.

No matter who you root for, baseball brings up big emotions. The sport gave me a way to find father figures I desperately needed as a kid growing up near Nashville, Tennessee, and these heritage-inspired bats—made of maple and painted by hand—have given me a way to give back to kids in search of the same things today.

Display your Mitchell bat alongside your baseball memorabilia. Use it to send a hanging curveball into your neighbor’s backyard. Or let it do what it does best—be a smooth, stylish time machine that takes you back to memories of good games with great people.

—Jeremy Mitchell, Mitchell Bat Co., est. 2013
A portion of all proceeds benefits MLB’s RBI program, which helps revive baseball in inner cities.