Hambino Athletics x Mitchell Bat Co.

We have teamed up with LA-based fashion designer Jessie Willner and Patrick Renna, aka The Great Hambino, the star of the greatest baseball movie of all time, The Sandlot.

The line, Hambino Athletics, is meant for adults and kids. It will give back to a foundation of the same name, the Hambino Foundation, which helps provides monetary support for organized sports in underserved communities.

A portion of every bat sold will go to Hambino Athletics to help continue the love for the greatest game ever invented.

Hambino Athletics Origins

Back in 1993, feel-good film The Sandlot entered the hearts of America

It taught us that there were legends in our own backyards, and a little bit of legend inside each of us. Best of all, it made us laugh, in large part because of The Great Hambino.

Patrick Renna got the call for what would become the role of a lifetime in the early 90’s.

He had no clue how transformative the role of Ham ‘Hambino’ Porter would be for him, and, as he would soon learn, a legion of devoted Sandlot fans across the country.

Maybe Ham would’ve called the shot, but ...

Pat himself could never have predicted how popular The Great Hambino would be in pop culture; Hambino was a meme before memes were a thing. One day while talking to his wife Jasmin Renna and dear friend and LA-based fashion designer Jessie Willner, Pat realized that Hambino’s image could be used for something bigger than laughs.

Baseball is part of our national DNA for a reason

Pat and Jessie wanted to infuse some good feeling, inspiration, and positivity into everyone’s lives and thought: what better way to do that than with Hambino and America’s favorite pastime? Baseball is part of our national DNA for a reason; through it, we learn to work as a team, share good traditions with the next generation, and have a good time together.