Merchandising your Mitchell Bats

Congratulations on getting Mitchell bats in your store. Fans will love seeing these hand-painted pieces of art on display at your location. There are many ways to display your Mitchell bats. We highly recommend our table-top, wooden bat displays.

There are many ways to display the bats

You can display your Mitchell bats a number of ways. We offer a bat rack that holds seven bats. These displays look great on a table surrounded by other pieces of merchandise.

The bats look fantastic hanging on a wall with our leather bat holders

All you need is a small nail, a hammer and some elbow grease to display your Mitchell bats on any wall. Hang them all together or spread them out throughout your space.

Some retailers have chosen to put the bats behind glass

Ralph Lauren displayed our bats in a glass case. This not only looks fantastic but keeps them safe as well.

The Team Store at Petco Park

The San Diego baseball team have their Mitchell bats on display horizonally safely behind the cash wrap using acrylic bat holders that can easily be found online.