Federal League Baseball 1914 by Huntington Baseball Co.

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Made by our friends Huntington Baseball Co from Boston, Mass. 

Initially formed as an “outlaw” minor league for the start of the 1912 season, the Federal League would soon come to represent the last significant attempt at establishing a major professional base ball League. The Federal League began the first of its two seasons as a Major League in 1914. Mounting legal costs forced the league to disband after a 1915 court decision failed to declare that the established Major League was a monopoly. a decision which effectively killed the upstart Federal League.

The base ball shown on this page is a thoroughly researched re-creation of an original 1914-1915 era Federal League base ball, executed in exacting detail. Double stitched, using the finest thread in the proper weight, this base ball contains exactly 116 individual stitches per panel. Each ball is hand-cut, hand-stitched, and labeled by hand using the same techniques that would have been applied to the original.

Each ball is wrapped in tissue and foil and is presented in a custom,
hand labeled box which is signed by the maker.

Choose from Pure White or Vintage Cream Leather.

Stitch colors are Teal and Orange.